Conscious Mama

con┬Ěscious - 1. awake and responsive to stimuli; 2. keenly aware of something; 3. considered and deliberate, or done with critical awareness.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wake up!

Welcome to the Conscious Mama blog! In this space we explore ways to embody the definition of the word conscious as displayed here. Toxic chemicals are ubiquitous in our environment: they are in our air, our food, our water and now, most sadly, in our own bodies. This tragic turn is the result of choices made without regard for consequences. Flame retardants, pesticides, and other persistent organic pollutants are taking up residence in our blood cells and in our urine, uninvited, without our consent.

Chemicals that cause cancer, learning disabilities, and birth defects have been deteced in cord blood and breast milk.

Ok, well, that's quite a grim picture, I'll admit. But it's not all hopeless. There is something we can do to undo all of this nastiness. It all starts with being conscious.

First, we need to wake up and realize there's a problem. It's not OK that there's rocket fuel in our lettuce and lead in our lunchboxes.

Second, be aware of the power you have in demanding less-toxic products in the marketplace. Women, and mothers in particular, represent a lot of market power. If we were to raise our voices collectively and demand safer products for our family, we could make a huge difference!

And, third, be deliberate in your choices about the products you use and to promote the manufacture of better alternatives.